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November 2013

Shaping Sound On Film by CLI Films

Shaping Sound is producing a new short film with world-renowned composer Ólafur Arnalds.

Head to the Kickstarter page to help Shaping Sound produce a new short film

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Travis Wall | Nick Lazzarini | Teddy Forance | Kyle Robinson

October 2012

All the Right Moves Episode 108: Big Break, Big City

As a white lie threatens Taja’s place in the company, Shaping Sound gains momentum after getting booked on Dancing with the Stars and a surprise business meeting in New York may give the boys the big break they’ve been waiting for.

September 2012

All the Right Moves Episode 107: Show Hang Over

The boys question the future of Shaping Sound after the premiere show and seek outside projects to keep the buzz going. Travis seeks advice from movie director Adam Shankman and books a gig with singer Ingrid Michaelson.

September 2012
"OG homie reunion.."

"OG homie reunion.."

September 2012

All the Right Moves Episode 106: Coming Together

With their theater secured, the boys shift into high gear in preparation for the big premiere show. But when Teddy is sidetracked by his pet project and Nick is stressed over choreographing his solo, friendships are stretched to their limits.

September 2012

All the Right Moves Episode 105: We’re going to the Saban!

The boys are forced to fundraise after they realize their budget for the premiere performance is wildly off base. A surprise visit from Dom, Travis’ boyfriend, keeps Travis from losing his cool while under pressure.

September 2012

All the Right Moves Episode 104: Finding Nuvo 

I tried to upload the episode onto Vimeo but because there was a glitch in the video, Vimeo wouldn’t process it. But I found this link where you guys can download the episode if you want to watch it.

August 2012

All the Right Moves Episode 103: Squash It!

Hearts get broken and friendships are severed when Teddy breaks the bro code by flirting with Kyle’s girlfriend, Taja threatens to quit the company and Travis faces his fear of dancing alone.

August 2012

All the Right Moves Episode 102: Submission Impossible

With Teddy busy submitting a piece to So You Think You Can Dance, Travis consumed by his choreography submission for Madonna’s tour and Taja being offered to dance for a big time pop star, solo careers threaten the future of Shaping Sound.

July 2012

All the Right Moves Episode 101: Breaking Ground on Shaping Sound

Choreography star Travis Wall teams up with dance stars Teddy, Nick, & Kyle to create Shaping Sound. The guys start by auditioning dancers for their spectacular preview show.